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Clicks To Your Website

NEW - Clicks To Your Website! generates thousands of clicks daily from prospects interested in starting their own home business. OppSeekers is now making these clicks available so that you can generate your very own custom leads!

Benefits of "Clicks to Your Website"

  • The leads you receive are exclusively yours! Never shared!
  • Lead signs up on any personal website of your choice.
  • The lead will know who you are and what your business is when you contact them.
  • Visitors to your website will have the opportunity to view your sales message, watch your video, and more.

Will this work for your business website?

Please see the examples below to determine if your website will receive good results from using "Clicks to Your Website".

Good Example Bad Example

What is the difference between Clicks and Leads?

Clicks - when you order Clicks you will receive a guaranteed number of website visitors that are interested in starting a home business. These visitors may sign up on your webpage as a lead or contact you directly.

Leads - when you order Leads you will receive a guaranteed number of contact information from prospects interested in starting their own home business.

Visitors to your webpage may...

  • ?Watch your video
  • Sign-up on your personal website
  • Read your sales letter
  • Contact you by phone or email

About "Clicks to Your Page"

About Clicks to Your Page

Simply select the number of clicks you would like to receive and we do the rest!
You get access to our high quality home business clicks, and can generate your very own custom 100% exclusive leads for your business!

What Information is Included With This Lead?


All leads are an assortment of Canadian and US leads.

How and When Are My Leads Delivered

Orders will begin to process within 72 hours and will be filled in 30 days or less unless you pause the order. With this lead type you can control the amount of leads you will receive per day.

Download Format: Your leads are to be downloaded via your member backoffice and you will receive an email in real time!

HURRY, the amount of high quality clicks we generate per day is limited.

* Conversions from Clicks to Leads vary depending on the complexity of you landing page, number of fields required, along with other factors. does not guarantee a conversion rate.

** Prices: Due to quantity ordered, lead availability, discounts, etc. prices of leads vary and may change at any time.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our MLM Leads.

Our No-Bad Lead Policy applies to these opportunity lead types: Survey Fresh 8Q, Phone Verified Fresh, Phone Interviewed Fresh, Female Phone Verified, State Specific 8 Question Survey, Fresh Canadian Only 8Q, and Real Time Short Form Leads.

We strive to verify all of our data and to also ensure your best experience we also offer this Replacement policy. If you receive a Disconnected, wrong number or bad email address, we will replace them. Simply complete a support ticket with the leads in question and we will add fresh ones to your account. This policy does not apply to any specials.

Order Leads

Number of Leads Cost Per Lead Cost Per Campaign
50 $2.50 $125.00 Order Leads
75 $2.45 $183.75 Order Leads
100 $2.43 $243.00 Order Leads
125 $2.40 $300.00 Order Leads
150 $2.30 $345.00 Order Leads
200 $2.10 $420.00 Order Leads


What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • "The business opportunity leads here at Oppseekers are setting a higher standard in the industry! I have experienced a greater response rate and faster team growth since I started using their leads! I have also taken it a step further and recommended these leads to my entire team and now I am getting them for FREE! What a concept! Thanks Oppseekers!"

    Earnie Gilmore
    Knoxville, TN
  • "These have been some of the Best leads I have ever used. When using Leads like these I can bring more people into my business which means I can do more of what I like to do. Fishing!"

    Joel R. Blome
    Blooming Prairie, MN
  • "I've tried other lead sources before and have not found any as responsive as with oppseekers. Other lead providers sell their leads up to five times but with oppseekers leads are sold two times and never to the same company you are promoting. The staff are very friendly and helpful. "

    Murray and Eveline Polley
    Alberta, CA