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Canadian Only Leads Fresh
3 For 1 Special

Canadian Only 8 Question

Want to focus on the Canadian MLM market?

These Canadian mlm leads are generated with cutting edge Internet marketing techniques. Remember that surveyed leads are created when a prospect responds to an ad for a Work From Home Opportunity and agrees to accept information about it.

As such, these prospects are open to hearing about what you have to offer. With 8 solid qualifying questions, weíve done a good portion of your work for you. Donít wait, our Canadian neighbors north of the border make up a great market. We recommend calling and emailing these Canadian leads for the best response.

8 Survey Questions:

1. Best Time To Call

2. Desired monthly income

3. Interest level/How Motivated are you

4. How long are you willing to work to obtain your income goals

5. How much time they have to invest

6. Reason for looking for a home based business

7. How much money they have to invest

8. Country

Lead Age: 1-15 days old

Our MLM Leads are not oversold. We only sell our leads a maximum of two times. You will never receive the same Canadian mlm leads as someone else in your company.

Our Leads Produce results to save you valuable time and money!

What Information is Included With This Lead?

(all leads include standard fields and may include additional information)

Standard Fields:

email address, phone number, first name, LAST NAME IS NOT INCLUDED, date, ip address

Optional Fields:

address, city, state, zipcode

How and When Are My Leads Delivered

Your order may be delayed 72 hours while we generate your leads.

Download Format: Your leads are to be downloaded via your member backoffice.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our MLM Leads.

Our No-Bad Lead Policy applies to these opportunity lead types: Survey Fresh 8Q, Phone Verified Fresh, Phone Interviewed Fresh, Female Phone Verified, State Specific 8 Question Survey, Fresh Canadian Only 8Q, and Real Time Short Form Leads.

We strive to verify all of our data and to also ensure your best experience we also offer this Replacement policy. If you receive a Disconnected, wrong number or bad email address, we will replace them. Simply complete a support ticket with the leads in question and we will add fresh ones to your account. This policy does not apply to any specials.

3 For 1 + 10% Off Autoship Orders!

3 for 1:
Simply order any of the packages and you will receive 3x the amount of leads. (Does not include Clicks to Website, Short Form Redirected, or Short Form Realtime)

10% Off Autoship
If you choose to place your order on any of the autoship packages, you'll also receive 10% off the retail price. The sale price is good as long as your autoship remains active.. You may cancel the autoship anytime.

Order Leads

Number of Leads Cost Per Lead Cost Per Campaign
30 $2.10 $63.00 Order Leads
50 $1.65 $82.50 Order Leads
100 $1.30 $130.00 Order Leads
150 $1.15 $172.50 Order Leads


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What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • "The business opportunity leads here at Oppseekers are setting a higher standard in the industry! I have experienced a greater response rate and faster team growth since I started using their leads! I have also taken it a step further and recommended these leads to my entire team and now I am getting them for FREE! What a concept! Thanks Oppseekers!"

    Earnie Gilmore
    Knoxville, TN
  • "These have been some of the Best leads I have ever used. When using Leads like these I can bring more people into my business which means I can do more of what I like to do. Fishing!"

    Joel R. Blome
    Blooming Prairie, MN
  • "I've tried other lead sources before and have not found any as responsive as with oppseekers. Other lead providers sell their leads up to five times but with oppseekers leads are sold two times and never to the same company you are promoting. The staff are very friendly and helpful. "

    Murray and Eveline Polley
    Alberta, CA